Wonders of raw chocolate

1.The magic of sun drying

"What is raw chocolate?"

This is the question most frequently asked at our samplings, fairs and presentations of our chocolate.

"It's a chocolate whose cacao beans have not been roasted, but only dried in the sun."

Often the person in front of us looks a little perplexed as if saying: "but why?"

"That's the best way to perserve its nutritional properties".

The next question that comes to that person's mind is usually not expressed, but can be clearly read in his or her face:

"Why is chocolate good?"

Having spent a lifetime being careful not to eat chocolate, or not to eat too much of it (or dealing with guilt after having eaten too much) people usually start lending deeper attention to what we are saying.

"Yes, not only it is good, but according to the most advanced reserach, raw cacao comes out as one of the foods with the highest concentration of beneficial elements: a superfood!"

"Indeed..the prince of superfoods!!", shouts a girl - with purple stripes in her hair, a big flower in the center of her shirt and a few vague freckles on her nose- as she makes her way to our stand.

2.Why raw chocolate is considered the prince of superfoods?

At this point of the conversation, passion has usually taken over and, with the support of our information leaflets, we show pride the amazing data on the nutritional properties of raw cacao.

"Do you know that raw cocoa is perhaps, among the so-called superfoods, the one with the highest concentration of antioxidants?"