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Sedona, Arizona.

September 4, 2007

The woman climbing up the steep red rock boulders alongside me near the entrance to a sacred Native American cave was in her seventies, and yet fit and cheery. My friend was an early champion of acupuncture in the U.S and is a mythic figure to many spiritual seekers the world over. One thing she said to me truly surprised me.

“Chocolate is good, truly good for our health!”

She smiled broadly as she sang the praises of dark, organic chocolate. “It benefits the heart, packs loads of healthy antioxidants, and contains magnesium as well as serotonin which promotes a sense of wellbeing and happiness.”

With a wink, she added: “This is especially true of raw chocolate.”

Years later, when I opened an organic restaurant in Milan, I sought in vain to source high-quality, organic, raw, dark chocolate. Not finding it, I started to explore how to make chocolate that fully preserves its most healthful benefits.

The passion born from my encounter years earlier with the inspiring woman with the radiant smile, had blossomed.

The Vivoo vision is to manufacture chocolate free of all adulteration, chemicals, and harmful processes—such as, excessive roasting, cooking and refined sugars. Our mission is to create great-tasting chocolate with the full purity and potency that inspired the Aztecs to nickname chocolate a “food of the gods.”

That’s why Vivoo chocolate is raw, organic, with no refined sugar, or chemical processes—just as the gods and, that mysterious woman, used to like it.
We bring the same commitment in how we source all the ingredients for our chocolates, including berries, fruit, roots, flowers, herbs and reishi mushrooms. We gather our ingredients from the most pristine corners of the planet to ensure they are full of flavor and packed with nutrition. We combine these “superfoods” with the finest cacao.

Our raw, organic chocolate is packed with the
vital force of nature.

That’s why we call it VIVOO!, which is Italian for ALIVE!

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